Garibaldi Springs Water Company

Garibaldi Springs' glacier fed, natural spring water percolates from the toe of an ancient dicitic lava flow at a rate of 5,000 litres per minute at 5 degrees Celsius year round. The water is naturally low in dissolved solids; well balanced in element distribution and far exceeds water quality parameters from around the world. The spring water originates from ancient glaciers atop 3,000 metre Mt. Garibaldi near Squamish, BC on Canada’s mountainous west coast.
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Documents  (Click to view PDF)

Garibaldi Springs Brochure

Aquifier Information 

  • Aquifer Assessment

  • Squamish-Aquifer-Area-Map


  • Water licences. 3. Prov. of BC

Survey and Maps

  • Bunbury.SRW.spring site

  • Google Maps

  • Google Maps Expanded

  • Space Photo

 Tests and Analysis

  • Cantest Apr 17.09 R1004110093
  • Test results Garibaldi Spr 102710


Information Brochure PDF

Satellite Image PDF

Legal Description Schedule PDF

NSF International Certificate PDF

NSF International Test Report PDF



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